By August 5, 2015 September 6th, 2015 Student Blog

Sixth Sense technology is a wearable mobile interface that essentially merges the physical and digital worlds. Pranav Mistry of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology invented this device to make it easier for people to introduce computing into their everyday tasks without having to carry laptops or sit behind computers. Sixth Sense technology combines fingertip motion sensors, a projector, a camera, and a mobile device with web browsing and computing capabilities. These objects are worn around one’s neck, and in conjunction, allow the user to interact with the world around them .

For example, the camera views what the user is looking at and synchronizes this image with the mobile device. This image can then be searched on the Internet, and the relevant results can then projected onto any given surface by the mini-projector. Sixth Sense technology introduces a vast amount of benefits to our society, especially in simplifying everyday tasks. Shopping has become a time consuming task in today’s world. There are dozens of different brands for the same product, and individuals must painstakingly sort through the prices, customer reviews, technology specifications, nutrition facts, and expiration date of each one. Sixth Sense technology can make this process much faster. Simply by a consumer picking up the products, the camera around their neck will send the image of the products to be processed by the mobile device and the projector will display all relevant facts customer reviews, etc. On any surface of their choice, thus greatly reducing the time and effort put into shopping. If someone is curious about the status of a flight they are about to board, all they have to do is hold up their boarding pass, and the flight status will be projected onto their ticket. To know the time, all one has to do is to just gesture drawing a circle on the wrist and there appears a wrist watch. Sixth Sense technology is excellent in making information both easily and readily available anywhere. Using all of the hardware components and the mobile device’s built-in software, information about anything can be accessed anywhere and projected on any given surface within a fraction of seconds The combination of devices and software together create a reality in which the digital world is merged with the physical world. This technology can be used in a plethora of positive ways, especially by enhancing daily tasks. Being able to easily learn information about products while shopping, find instructions while building or constructing, and being able to easily identify areas while travelling are all extremely positive results of Sixth Sense technology. It is essentially a wearable computer that can surf the web, make phone calls, and even connect to other computing devices. It is more portable and more interactive than any Smartphone, laptop, or tablet available today. It can also allow the user to gain available online information about anything just by glancing at it and performing an online search. Sixth Sense technology is remarkable in its intended purpose for daily task efficiency and interactive computing. This technology almost makes it too easy to gain information, as it practically joins the digital world and the physical world together, lessening the need for people to interact with their surroundings.

— Ganesh Ram III year, IT A