Faculty Members

NameDr.K.KathiravanIT hod
DesignationProfessor & & Head
E-Mail Idhod.it@srmeaswari.ac.in
Area of specialization Mobile Ad Hoc network
AboutDr. Kathiravan Kannan received his M.Tech. Degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering from Pondicherry University and Ph.D. in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks from Anna University, Chennai, India in 2001 and 2007 respectively. He is currently the Dean of Easwari Engineering College, Chennai, India. He was an Incharge and Project Coordinator for two All India Council for Technical Education funded research projects. He has nearly 20 years of Teaching Experience in various reputed institutions in India. He is a Convenor of IEEE International Conference on Technological Innovations in ICT for Agriculture and Rural Development in the year 2015. He is a lifetime member of IEEE, Institution of Engineering and Technology and Indian Society for Technical Education professional societies. His main research interest includes mobile ad hoc networks, wireless sensor networks, RFID, UAV and robotics.

1 Prof. A.K. MariappanM.E (Ph.D)ProfessorData Mining3046
2Mr. V.BalajiM.E (Ph.D)Associate Prof.Wireless Network,WSN3117
3Dr. R.RadhaPh.DAssociate Prof.Wireless Network,WSN3113
4 Dr. N. AnanthiPh.DAssociate Prof.Wireless Networks3117
5Ms. M. MohanaM.E (Ph.D)Associate Prof.Mobile Database3117
6Dr. S.LeninishaM.E., Ph.DAssociate Prof.Image Processing,Database Management System3199
7Ms. R.PriyatharshiniM.E (Ph.D)Associate Prof.Image Mining,Data Mining3113
8Dr. V.VaniM.E., Ph.DAssociate Prof.Natural Language Processing ,Text Mining,Artificial Intelligence3199
9Mrs.K. KOQUILAMBALLEM.E (Ph.D)Asst.Prof(Sl.G)Web Mining3245
10Mr.M.VivekanandanM.E (Ph.D)Asst.Prof(Sl.G)Wireless Sensor Network 3245
11Ms. A.L.Agasta AdlineM.E (Ph.D)Asst.Prof(Sl.G)Text Mining3245
12Ms.S.GnanapriyaM.E.,Asst.Prof(Sr.G)Multimedia Technology3117
13Ms. M.HemaM.E.,Asst.Prof(Sr.G)Wireless Network,WSN3113
14Dr. S.DeepaM.Tech.,Ph.DAsst.Prof(Sr.G)Wireless Sensor Network, MANET3245
15Ms.K.ValarmathiM.E.,Asst. Prof.Wireless Network,WSN3245
16Ms. G.ValanteenaM.E.,Asst. Prof.Mobile Database3245
17Ms.A.SathyaM.E.,Asst. Prof.Cloud Computing3199
18Ms. R.S.Lysa PackiamM.E.,Asst. Prof.Pervasive Computing Technologies3199
19 Ms.K. VARUNIM.E.Asst. Prof.Wireless Network,WSN3245
20Mrs. M.SowmiyaM.Tech.Asst. Prof.Image Processing3199
21Ms.C.PRIYADHARSHINIM.E.,Asst. Prof.Communication Systems3245
22Ms.B.SANDHIYAM.E.,Asst. Prof.Software Engineering3245
23Ms.K.KAUSALYAM.E.,Asst. Prof.Image Processing3245
24Ms.B.CHANDRAM.E.,Asst. Prof.Embedded systems3245
25Ms.S.SUDHA MERCYM.E.(Ph.D)Asst. Prof.Wireless Sensor Network ans security3245
26Mrs. A.VINOTHINIM.Tech. (Ph.D)Asst. Prof.Data Mining3245
27Ms. J.VIDHYALAKSHMIM.Tech.Asst. Prof.Image Processing,Cloud Computing3245

1Dr. S.Kanaga Suba RajaPh.DAssociate Prof.Wireless Networks3049
2 Ms.B.ArthiM.E (Ph.D)Asst. Prof.Software Engineering3245
3Ms. P. DeepikaM.E.,Asst. Prof.Software Engineering3245